Anhui Tianxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the grim situation in the medical market and the fierce market competition, adhere to the with the quality of a brand name, to promote the quality of benefit, rely on quality to win. In order to improve the competitiveness of the market, our company according to the new version of GMP (2010) standards establish and improve the quality system, the company now has large capacity injection workshop, workshop, suppository solution workshop, enema agent workshop, soft capsule agent workshop, Chinese medicine extraction workshop, soft bag infusion workshop, the workshop have been through the national GMP authentication. Our company established effective quality assurance system, raw material procurement, inspection, warehousing inspection, material distribution, use, production process, intermediate products and finished products, sales, shipping links for a full range of monitoring, to ensure that the products of the production process is in conformity with the GMP requirements, test results meet the requirements of quality standards. We also present combination of scientific research and quality, the quality development strategy, adhere to the road of the combination of "production, learning and research", increase science and technology and talent introduction, China Pharmaceutical University, Anhui College of traditional Chinese medicine, many institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to maintain close contact with, regular and irregular communication and cooperation, both to ensure the success of scientific research projects, and assuring the product quality in the process.

  In the enterprise development strategy, quality management has become the core of the development strategy of Anhui Tianxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in order to expand the company's brand, to further enhance the company's brand gold content and quality reputation, give full play to the advantage of the quality of the impact force, the company has made the "quality is the brand" as the cornerstone of the theory. In the process of the development of the company, the head of the company "quality" business strategy, the company's products could have been in the market in an invincible position. The staff set up "the quality is produced, also not tested out, but designed" awareness, starting with improving skills, improve the quality of products in the production process. Products of first-class quality can let consumers really feel "buy Anhui Tianyang medicine, buy is healthy"!