Notice on strengthening the supervision and management of health food raw materi

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  Notice on strengthening the supervision and management of health food raw materials

  State Food and Drug Administration Xu [2011]

  The food and Drug Administration of the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government, and the relevant units:

  In order to further strengthen the supervision and management of raw materials for health food, to ensure the quality and safety of health food, according to the "food safety law of the people's Republic of China" and its implementing regulations, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  First, the health food production enterprises should strictly stock clearance, strengthen the management of raw materials procurement, the quality of raw materials for the procurement of. To strictly in accordance with the "health food good manufacturing practices," the requirements, and effectively assume the responsibility of the first responsible person of product quality, is strictly prohibited to purchase and use of unknown origin, fake and shoddy raw materials.

  (a) should sign the purchasing contract with the raw material supplier, clear the quality responsibility. The quality control requirements of raw materials, quality indicators, inspection methods, etc. shall be included in the purchase contract.

  (two) should review the raw materials suppliers, including suppliers of raw materials quality audit, focus on the production of raw materials suppliers, on-site verification and other content, and establish a review of the archives, do a good job of review records.

  (III) shall establish and improve an inspection system, strengthen the inspection capacity building, strengthen the raw materials into the factory inspection, inspection reports and will keep on file for future reference.

  (four) the establishment of a sound procurement files of raw materials, strict implementation of the cable card system, to ensure that the use of raw materials can be traced back.

  (five) commissioned by the production, the client and the commissioned party to sign the contract, the principal of the product quality and safety of the first responsible person, the client shall, in accordance with the "good production of health food" requirements of the production of raw materials used strictly, and bear the corresponding responsibility. Raw materials need to be commissioned, and its raw materials extraction process, quality control and other indicators should be consistent with the approval of product registration.