In 2014, the pharmaceutical industry growth rate dropped to 20% the following re

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In 2014, the pharmaceutical industry growth rate dropped to 20% the following restructuring of drama intensified

2014 is a year of adjustment, challenge and opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry.

With the policy of population dividend gradually receded, the pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges: external face health care cost control, drug price pressure, internal face pharmaceutical enterprises between the increasingly fierce competition pressure, enterprise itself is also facing pressure on growth performance. Data show that in 2014, the pharmaceutical industry output growth is expected to only about 13%, far below the previous 20% or more high-speed growth.

It is noteworthy is that in 2014 the country relevant policy changes, such as the proposed prices liberalized, intends to release the Internet sale of drugs, to promote the reform of the medical market and so on, so seemingly traditional medicine industry full of vigor and vitality. Careful observation of the logic behind these policies is undoubtedly allow the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, improve the operational efficiency of the current pharmaceutical industry, to solve the problem of the masses of the medical treatment is difficult, expensive.

The development of the pharmaceutical industry seems to fit the characteristics of the new normal Chinese economy: growth into the shift period, from high-speed growth to high growth, and the development of the industry to rely on reform, adjustment and innovation driven development.

Huge medical and health market has an unprecedented opportunity. In the "new normal", enterprises must change and innovation, in order to adapt to the development of the times, seize the opportunity. At present, the various capital have poured into the industry gold rush. Ali Group Chairman Ma Yunceng said that the next person to be more than him, must appear in the health industry.

Industry growth rate dropped to below 20%

Overall performance will continue to be under pressure

At present, the health insurance fund expenditure accounts for more than 30% of the proportion of total health expenditure in China, which is one of the main driving force for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. However, in the face of huge medical expenses, health insurance fund gap problem urgently needs to be effectively resolved. Health insurance control has been the focus of attention of the market, and from the current situation, this will become a trend.